ISSN Print: 2362-8251

ISSN Online: 2423-1924

Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research is an open-access conference proceedings covering topics related to all aspects of education, psychology, and social science conducted around the world and presented in the International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Science. The proceedings journal publishes articles presented focusing on education, educational technology, educational management, techniques, system, processes, tools, equipment, programs, paradigm, behavioral science, social science and other education, psychology and social science related studies. It provides an avenue for academic and non-academic researches representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to advancement of education. The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. Submission are welcome from academic and non-academic research conference organizers. The proceedings journal aimed to publish articles and significant research report in English per volume. All articles in English are peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards.

Publisher:  Sons and Daughters Publishing House Inc.

Frequency of Publication: The Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research is published annually.

Open Access Policy: The proceedings journal is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. Everyone can download the full manuscript in PDF format free of charge.

Distribution: Articles published in the proceedings journal is also distributed online through SSRN e-library.