Ava Ann P. Semorlan, Ph.D.
School of Saint Anthony


The study determined the impact of the three programs of the School of Saint Anthony’s Socio Civic Action Programs to their recipients. The recipients involved in this study include the parents and pupils of the GABAY or Guidance and Basic Assistance for the Youth program (Saturday tutorial and feeding program), students enrolled in the school’s free vocational programs, and the less fortunate scholars of the Student Financial Aid program. The survey approach was conducted to around 200 GABAY students and parents, 92 vocational students and 15 SICAP scholars. Data was collected through frequency count, charts, tables and graphs. The gathered data presented an overview of the different impacts and benefits experienced by the respondents under study. Data revealed how the GABAY program helped in the mental, social and values development of the students based on the perspectives of the parents and their children. The Vocational program, on the other hand, helped its students better develop themselves leading them to a positive insight of having a better life ahead. Positive responses were also gathered from the SICAP scholars with regard to their academic, values, social and spiritual development. It was found necessary for organizations to support different outreach activities like the SSA SICAP Foundation considering the positive impacts these activities bring to their recipients.

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Semorlan, A.A.P. (2014). Impact of Outreach Programs to the Personal Development of the Beneficiaries of the School of Saint Anthony, SICAP Foundation. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc., Vol. 1 Iss. 1 Page 52-60


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