Love Jhoye M. Raboy, Jan Rey D. Canlas, Christy Ann R. Renejane, Carren J. Mojica, Annajane S. Bandiala
Mindanao University of Science and Technology


American Sign Language is used by the deaf-mute community in expressing their thoughts. Many applications have been developed to assist the deaf-mute person, but most of the application integrates on computer or in desktop. These leads to create a mobile application that will recognize hand pose into text. American Sign Language Alphabet Translator Android Application: Hand Shapes into Text is a mobile application that translates American Sign Language Alphabet into text. These applications translate the ASL alphabet to a person who is not capable in understanding the language of a deaf-mute person. The application used the process of hand segmentation and feature extraction to get information needed to extract the hand and data set that used to match the hand pose to display the equivalent letters. The study is successful in recognizing most of the alphabet hand shape as long as it is well detected.

Key words

Hand segmentation, Feature extraction

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Raboy, L.J.M.,  Canlas, J.R.D., Renejane, C.A.R., Mojica, C.J., Bandiala, A.S. (2015). American Sign Language Alphabet Translator Android Application: Hand Shapes Into Text. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology, and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. Vol. 2 Iss. 1 Pages 1-7


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