Maria Rizza Laudiano-Armildez, Jasmin D. Niguidula
Technological Institute of the Philippines


The computer is a communications device par excellence. Unlike other media, such as the telephone, print, and the mail (postal service), the computer stores unlimited amounts of information, and can conceivably distribute it among millions of people. Hiltz et. al. (1978). While computer conferencing removes time and distance barriers, permits group sizes to grow dynamically, and allows a user to participate at a time and date of his/her own choosing. Computer conferencing components include private conferencing facilities, electronic mail, and electronic bulletin boards. Thus this research paper comes in it will develop a communication tool that provides Office of the Student Affairs and student organization a venue to perform internal and external communication among other student organization. Naïve bayes classification algorithm method is used to filter word usage so it can only be used for academic posting and the result will be paperless posting of school related activities. Developmental research was used to solve the problems encountered. This method is a systematic use and practical application of findings and can determine the theories of a technical description toward the construction of E-Announcement system design, testing, evaluation and/or improvement of functions to meet specific requirements of the beneficiary.

Key words

Posting; Spam; Naïve Bayes Classification; SQL server; Agile model; Android

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Laudiano-Armildez, M.R., Niguidula, J.D. (2015). E-Announcement: A Curricular Electronic Posting Application Implementing Spam Filtering Using Naïve Bayes Classification Algorithm. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research. Interntional Research Enthusiast Society Inc., Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Pages 45-49

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