Milani M. Austria, Daniel D. Dasig, Jr., Arlene Mae C. Valderama
Jose Rizal University


In a knowledge-based economy, collaborative learning in digital networks and onslaught of technological developments is a necessity; thereby 21st century professionals need the 21st century skills-set to tussle market breakaway. Educators and learners in this information age clinch ways of thinking, ways of working, uses tools for working and skills-set to sustain living in the competitive world. This paper presents walkthroughs on the perceptions and experiences and learning strategies of the higher education students’ in a context of blended learning which combines face-to-face and e-learning technologies with computer mediated activities. The study aims to explore the experiences of higher education students, ascertain issues, concerns, problems in the blended learning environment, elicit and explore students coping mechanism and learning strategy in the context, identify skills developed in a learner-driven blended environment, and recommend course of actions based on the lesson learned. The study utilized qualitative design with purposive sampling, participant observation, focus group discussion and content analysis. The study results in positive perceptions and has devised the development of 21st century skills. Despite positive perceptions and experiences of the learners, the continuum improvement in the delivery, learning objects and artifacts, assessment and evaluation techniques must be implemented.

Key Words

e-learning, collaborative learning, learning strategies, qualitative, participant observation

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Austria, M.M., Dasig, Jr., D.D.,  Valderama, A.M.C., (2015). Exploratory Study on Learner-Driven Blended Learning Environment. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Pages 68-74

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