Alicia Z. Maghuyop
Surigao State College of Technology


Learning the L2 may start with everyday basic communication skills but this aspect is not enough to develop higher order skills and deep learning. Thus the study aimed to determine the effectiveness of using L2 with L1 in teaching Philippine Literature to Elementary Education students of Surigao State College of Technology, City Campus during the first semester of Academic Year 2012 -2013. Specifically, it described the pre-post tests performance of the students using L2 with L1 instruction. The quasi-experimental design was employed. There were 100 students who were involved in the investigation. The statistical tools used were mean computations, z-test, t-test of correlated means, t-test of mean difference. Binomial test, Mann Whitney U-test and Wilcoxon – ranked test for the theory validation. The results of the study revealed that the pre-test scores of the students in the experimental group were found as “below average”. The literary competence level after experimentation was found as “above average”. The L2 with L1 students have shown the existence of a significant difference in all genres, There also existed a significant mean gain improvement on the students level of literary competence in favor of the group using L2 with L1 in the three genres namely; essay, drama and poetry. The students in the experimental group have already acquired literary competence at a certain level. However, using L2 with L1 contributes more in achieving in-depth comprehension and appreciation towards Literature. It is therefore commendable that the School Administrators and the Literature Instructors should encourage the use of L2 with L1 as anchored on the Literary Cognition Theory via L2 with L1 to engage more students to express themselves freely.

Key words

Literary Competence, Literary Cognition

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