Rahmat Ghazali, PhD, Abdullah Ali Alassiri, Yusuf Abdul Alim
Universiti Teknologi MARA


Contemporarily, politics is getting more interesting especially with media being one of the major tools in election campaigns as well as political strategy setters. Increasingly, scholars have come to see the new media as playing a vital role in shaping political participation that are able to bring about broader social and nation change. Recent studies have shown a positive link between frequencies of social media usage towards participatory democracy. Highlighting on how social media allows society in its ability to communicate and disseminate information, which includes critical views and dissidents voices, some scholars have viewed this as a negative impact especially on nation building. Taking all these pointers into consideration, this study seeks to understand and examine the role of social media within Malaysian participatory democracy particularly among the youths. This study employed quantitative approach of cross-sectional analysis that focussed on youths of central Malaysia. It is found that online news media consumption among Malaysian youths is on an average level, so is their direct involvement in participatory democracy. Using a co-relational analysis, the study found that there is significant relationship between the use of online news media and political participation among youths of central Malaysia.

Key words

Participatory Democracy, Media Usage, Political Communication, Online News Media

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Ghazali, R., Alassiri, A.A., Abdul Alim, Y. (2015). The Utilization of Online News Media Among Malaysian Youths and its Link to Political Participation. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psycholoyg and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc., Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Pages 35-44


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