Ansir, Sri Wiyati Mahrani, Dedy Takdir Syaifuddin, Murdjani Kamaluddin
Faculty of Economics and Business, Halu Oleo University


The purpose of this study was to examine the potential links between organizational justice, Work Motivation, Leader Member Exchange, and organizational commitment on Government Employee, Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Offices. It also focuses on the experiences and to analyze the role of LMX practices as a mediator of relationship between Organizational Justice towards Work Motivation and Organizational Commitment. The design of this study was explanatory research. Data were collected using survey questionnaire and in-depth interviews. The units of analysis of this research were the Government Employees of Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Offices. Since the sample units were 41 Offices, three-stage sampling was applied to draw the sample. The number of sample selected was 97 respondents through Slovin Formula. Thus the numbers of sampling this study were 97 employees. Analysis tools for hypothesis testing were Partial Least Square (PLS). The result of this study showed that organizational justice has positive and significant influence on the LMX and organizational commitment. However, there is no significant influence of organizational justice on work motivation. Finally, the results of this study demonstrate that the leader member exchange acts as a mediation relationship between organizational justice on work motivation and organizational commitment. The implication of this research is to increase knowledge and understanding of government management in Southeast Sulawesi province about the importance of organizational justice; work motivation; leader member exchange, and organizational commitment. In addition, the implications of this study provide an understanding of the integration model of the structural relationships and the importance of behavioral aspects in the management of the organization, through the synergistic of autonomy demands are reflected through increased informational justice, fulfilling the need for affiliation, professional respect, and affective commitment in decision making and completion of tasks employees embrace. Originality of research proves that a good organizational justice can increase motivation, leader member exchange and organizational commitment. Then the findings of this study may prove that the leader member exchange acts as relationship mediation between organizational justice on work motivation and organizational commitment.

Key words

Organizational Justice, LMX, Motivation, Organizational Commitment

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Ansir, Mahrani, S.W., Syaifuddin, D.T., Kamaluddin, M. (2015). Leader Member Exchange (LMX) As Relationship Mediation Between Organizational Justice Towards Work Motivation And Organizational Commitment. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Pages 159-167.

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