John Benedict L. Bernado, Riste Jess A. Alaya-ay, John A. Cabardo, Shaira Mae M. Lasola, Rocel Jean B. Pelo
Mindanao University of Science and Technology


Society today tends everything to be done easier, commonly when it needs an information, socialization and advertisement. The traditional way of finding and advertising a house rental is time consuming and has limited resources. With this problem, search and promotion a house rental is quite hard and inconvenient. RenTahanan is an application that aims to make an online information and locator for house rentals. This application was developed as an aid to tenants to try finding a place to stay at and for the landlords, proprietors and concerned citizens who try to advertise house rentals. RenTahanan made use of Google API and the concept of crowd sourcing. The availability of Google API has been taken advantage to develop an application that is accessible in web and mobile. Marketing house rentals, looking house rentals, considering user’s preferences, and providing directions are among the primary features that this study offers. From the results gathered in the test survey, the researchers proved that the application is useful, satisfied the users with its features and the ease of use has been rated as clear and easy to understand. On the other way, the application also passed the technical test that has been implemented.

Key words

Google API, crowd sourcing, rental, posting, advertising

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Bernado, J.B.L., Alaya-ay, R.J.A., Cabardo, J.A., Lasola, S.M.M., Pelo, R.J.B. (2015). RenTahanan: A House Rental Information and Locator Application. Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research. International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Pages 175-182.

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