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American Sign Language Alphabet Translator Android Application: Hand Shapes Into Text

Pages 1-7
Love Jhoye M. Raboy, Jan Rey D. Canlas, Christy Ann R. Renejane, Carren J. Mojica, Annajane S. Bandiala

Relocating the Ilokano Women Writers of Nueva Vizcaya

Pages 8-12
Lovella G. Velasco

Transformative Consciousness for Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills Development

Pages 13-20
Jennifer L. Tuazon, Grace E. Gomez

The Canonicity of Juan Crisostomo Soto and his Masterpiece Alang Dios! in Kapampangan Literature From 1932 to 2013

Pages 21-26
Mildred M. Crisostomo

Development of Progressive Learning Theory – Based Physics Enhancement Course

Pages 27-34
Charity I. Mulig-Cruz, Manuel B. Barquilla, Josefina R. Tabudlong, Jingle B. Magallanes

The Utilization of Online News Media Among Malaysian Youths and its Link to Political Participation

Pages 35-44
Rahmat Ghazali, PhD, Abdullah Ali Alassiri, Yusuf Abdul Alim

E-Announcement: A Curricular Electronic Posting Application Implementing Spam Filtering Using Naïve Bayes Classification Algorithm

Pages 45-49
Maria Rizza Laudiano-Armildez, Jasmin D. Niguidula

Literary Competence Via L2 With L1

Pages 50-60
Alicia Z. Maghuyop

Effect of PLT-Based Physics Enhancement Course to the Content Matter Competence of Grade 7 Science Teachers

Pages 61-67
Charity I. Mulig-Cruz, Manuel B. Barquilla, Josefina R. Tabudlong, Jingle B. Magallanes

Exploratory Study on Learner-Driven Blended Learning Environment

Pages 68-74
Milani M. Austria, Daniel D. Dasig, Jr., Arlene Mae C. Valderama

A Pragmatic Evidence of Different Learning Groups

Pages 75-81
Louida P. Patac, Adriano V. Patac Jr.

Competing Standpoints of Code-Switching in Classroom Instruction of the Pre-Service Secondary Teachers

Pages 82-88
Prescila S. Baquerfo

Traits of Popular Children: A Case Study

Pages 89-97
Diah Ningrum, Nik Ahmad Hisham Ismail

The Physiological-Perceptual Preferences of the Pre-schoolers In DOSCST and their Implications to their Learning Environment

Pages 98-102
Maria Gloria R. Lugo, Helina Jean P. Dupa

Learning Styles and Mathematics Performance of Grade Eight Students in Los Baños Integrated School, S.Y. 2014-2015

Pages 103-107
Joydy-Lenn L. Camposano, Ariane M. Villanueva, Alberto D. Yazon

Management of Knowledge Containers and Learning Strategies in The Context Of Case- Based Reasoning

Pages 108-113
Paulino Gatpandan, Daniel D. Dasig, Jr., Mengvi P. Gatpandan, Arlene Mae C. Valderama, Mary Ann B. Taduyo, Roel C. Traballo, Daryl D. Dasig

Probing Adolescent Homosexuality: Sex Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression and its Related Issue

Pages 114-121
Maria Gloria R. Lugo, Allen James R. Tilos

Multiple Intelligences As A Factor To Students’ Study And Thinking Skills Performance

Pages 122-128
Josephine C. Visande

Barriers, Strengths And Academic Performance Of Student-Mothers At Laguna State Polytechnic University- Los Baños Campus Los Baños Laguna Academic Year 2014-2015

Pages 129-134
Joana Marie P. Bautista, Dhivvie L. Custodio, Linlyn R. Lagundino, Karen A. Manaig

The Influence of Discipline and Competency toward Employee’s Performance

Pages 135-141
Nurwati, Alida Palilati, Rahmat Madjid, Nasrul

The Employability Of JRU Business Administration Students: Establishing A Confidence Level Index

Pages 142 – 149
Jayson E. Lannu

Effectiveness Of Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Roles And Functions: An External Communication Audit

Pages 150-158
Maria Angeles Dano-Hinosolango, Elaine O. Ratunil

Leader Member Exchange (LMX) As Relationship Mediation Between Organizational Justice Towards Work Motivation And Organizational Commitment

Pages 159-167
Ansir, Sri Wiyati Mahrani, Dedy Takdir Syaifuddin, Murdjani Kamaluddin

Performance of Teacher Education Institutions in the Licensure Examinations: Towards a Policy Proposal

Pages 168-174
Ma. Victoria L. Fajardo

RenTahanan: A House Rental Information and Locator Application

Pages 175-182
John Benedict L. Bernado, Riste Jess A. Alaya-ay, John A. Cabardo, Shaira Mae M. Lasola, Rocel Jean B. Pelo