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Integration Of Transmedia In Teaching Ancient Greece Among Grade Nine Students Towards Effective Mainstreaming Of Learning

Pages 1-7
Aileen M. Tagle

Higher Education: A Privilege Or A Right? It Is Time For ODL Institutions To Shine

Pages 8-15
Dr. Apostolos Giannakopoulos

Development Of Values Of Students: Performance Of School Administration Of Public Secondary School In Region XII

Pages 16-24
Muhamad Ali E. Midzid

Academic Achievement And Performance In The Licensure Examination For Teachers Of The Elementary Education Graduates From Mindanao State University-Maigo School Of Arts And Trades

Pages 25-30
Israel S. Labastilla

Should We Be Teaching Or Diagnosing? An E-learning Paradox

Pages 31-39
Dr. Apostolos Giannakopoulos

School Engagement And Retention Program For Tertiary Students : Basis For Proposed Enhancement Program

Pages 40-49
Paquito R. Domingo

Students’ Level Of Satisfaction Of The Senior High School (SHS) Program Of Surigao Del Sur State University

Pages 50-57
Dr. Jondy M. Arpilleda

Construction, Validation And Standardization Of Temperament Scale For The Armed Forces

Pages 58-64
Corazon R. Arce, Lucila O. Bance

Level Of Human Rights Awareness And Experiences Among Southeast Asian Students In The Philippines: Basis For A Proposed Human Rights Empowerment Program For International Students

Pages 65-74
Jesse R. Songcayawon, Ph.D.

Factors Associated With The Technology Adoption And Production Of Oil Palm In The Province Of Sultan Kudarat

Pages 75-81
Dr. Tomanda D. Antok

On The Deconstruction And Reconstruction Of Curriculum Guideline – Reflection On The Connotation Of Mathematics In Post-Secondary Vocational High School

Pages 82-88
Hsiao-Ming, Chen, Chia-Huei, Wu, Yu-Hsi, Yuan

Correlates Of Work Values Among Secondary School Teachers In Central Mindanao

Pages 89-94
Musa A. Unos, Ed.D.

Prediction Of Corporate Financial Performance: An Empirical Study On Listed Companies In India

Pages 95-105
Dr. Anupam De, Arindam Banerjee

Pupils’ Performance Of The Mother Tongue Based And Non- Mother Tongue Based Grade I Class In The Pioneer Schools At Region XII

Pages 106-112
Maeda Langguyuan-Kadtong, Ed.D.

Teaching Performance And Job Satisfaction Among Teachers At Region XII

Pages 113-122
Dr. Maeda Langguyuan-Kadtong, Dr. Musa A. Unos, Dr. Tomanda D. Antok, Dr. Muhamad Ali E. Midzid

Work Values And Learning Environment Associated With Teaching Efficiency Of Mathematics Teachers In Cotabato City Division

Pages 123-127
Dr. Muhamad Ali E. Midzid, Dr. Musa A. Unos, Dr. Tomanda D. Antok, Dr. Maeda Langguyuan-Kadtong

Holistic Approach For Common Adjustment Problems (H.A.C.A.P.) Of College Students: An Intervention Program

Pages 128-135
Rizalyn L. Wagas, Geraldine E. Tria

Re-Engineering SEF Allocation Toward Achieving Quality Basic Education

Pages 136-150
Ronnie S. Mallari, Ph.D.